My friend in Sweden (I only have one) sent me some questions.

 "What makes you laugh."
 Truth, I suppose. Something so beautifully on the mark that it shows the amazingness of reality.
"Who makes you laugh."
 Anybody that is honest can make me laugh.
"Who made you laugh - but now don’t."
 Eddie Murphy made me laugh when he was on SNL in the 80's.
 The stuff I saw later I did not find as funny.
"If so, why is humour important in society."
 I'm not impressed with society, and never expect it to have a sense of humor. A sense of humor is not just important, but is a bi-product of being honest. One needn't work on having a sense of humor. Instead, one should work on being truthful.
"If so, why is humour important in your life?"
 It is inseparable from life, as a whole. You aren't alive, not really, if you never find anything funny.
"When was the last time you couldn’t stop laughing?"
 There's never been a time when I couldn't stop laughing. If there had been, I'd still be laughing. 
Smarty pants answer aside, I heard something I found completely funny (and truthful) not long ago. I laughed.
"And what was it about?"
 I was walking in Central Park and I was crossing a paved road where cyclists ride. People were passing by, some fast, some slow, and what appeared to be a family were riding by.
 A little girl was in front, blazing down the road, and she said "I am the leader". Next was a slightly smaller girl (the bigger girl's sister, perhaps) and she said "I am not the leader". She said it with no judgement to it. It was one of the most pure, non-ironic, non-phony things I'd ever heard, and I laughed.
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