“Is the labelling ”anti-folk” still relevant?”
 For me, yes and no. I was never really against folk music, but then maybe none of the others were either.
There’s a story about it’s invention, but basically it caught on, and the press used it. The word ended up basically meaning “assertive folk”, or “punk folk”, but then, Rick Shapiro was thrown in there as well.
 I see that the term is used in numerous countries. Socially, it is still a relevant term.
 I do not personally call myself antifolk, but I am not against it either, and would certainly perform in an “Antifolk” show.
 “How was your stance on the anti-folk movement back then and how has that changed today? If so.”
 I do not know that there is a movement anymore.
 Back then, I really did not think much about it. it was just a bunch of people getting together and playing music.
 Of course, once Moldy Peaches starting getting more recognition, and on a personal level, once they asked me to be on the Rough Trade compilation, I saw it was, or parts of it were, moving.
“Which is your one best memory from Sidewalk?”
 Many fond memories.
 As I’ve written, I met my future wife there.
 I saw some amazing (no hyperbole) shows.
“Which is your one worst memory from Sidewalk?”
 Not every performer, especially at the open mics, was good. When I say not good I mean not sincere. A lot were though.
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