Fauci has a history of lying and being complicit with the experimenting on animals in torturous ways.
Mercola has a history of prescribing natural cures and advocating for prevention of disease as opposed to living a diseased life and then popping pills and getting hooked up to machines.

I realize our prison system in the U.S. is horrible and I do not believe it should exist in the state that it does, but can we perhaps place Dr. Fauci under house arrest until this whole thing is sorted out? Just get him the hell out of the picture for a while. At least he won’t do more harm that way.
My guess is he has a big house, is a millionaire, and can get Fresh Direct deliveries. He has cable (?), a yard, he should be okay for a while. House arrest, for Fauci.

Dr. Mercola has gotten a lot of shit for his stance. His stance is one based on science more than Fauci’s, and it’s much more based on common sense.
“Mercola sells products in his website”. So? Does that mean he’s lying? Is there any human on Earth that doesn’t have to find some way to pay the bills? If he believes in the product, and perhaps even uses it himself, where’s the problem?

I advocate, for now, we place Fauci under house arrest and put Mercola in his position.
Bring in advisors with different view points. Bring in Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. Bring in people I have never heard of.

We need change.
A lot of people may die, and not because of Covid-19.

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