The city of NY technically lifted the “vaccine” mandate on November 1st 2022, but they allowed each private employer to continue to discriminate against the un-shot-up if they chose. My guess is that is what my past employer did, decide to carry on with the mandate. I was a very good employee. In the three years I worked there I was early for every single shift I worked. I also was pro-active. I say “guess” because they never communicated with me about this. I’ve simply not heard from them, even though I reached out when November 1st was approaching. So be it.

Last week I interviewed with the NYPL (New York Public Library). It went well, with the HR woman saying “Your resume is amazing”, but then she said I’d have to get the shots. I asked were they not a City entity, but apparently the public library is not because they said “No”. They said they were a combination, since they relied heavily on private funding. Loopholes, galore. So, the City ended the mandate but the library is allowed to continue to discriminate.

It was when I heard that I was banned from working there as well, that I decided to leave NYC.

I am tentatively planning on moving back to where I was born, in Virginia, in about a month.

A person at the NYPL told me things are moving in the direction of the mandates being lifted, but that it would take time. I told them I’d been unemployed for 15 months now, and really could not wait any longer.

So, there you go. While in NYC, I went from homeless to employed and in debt to employed and with a savings, and then they mandated shots and I became an unemployed, non-tax-paying, recipient of food stamps. I’m done with NYC. I had no plans to leave. I do now though.

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