Copied from the paper copy:

 Place me on a planet newly born and allow me a million years to calm down a bit,
to re-sensitize, to become content with a simpler set of experiences, to rest from the worrying and hurrying,
to laugh off old fears, to re-stabilize, to re-ground, to settle, reply, remember.

 Technology is all trinkets. They are all shallow. The deeper I dwell the thinner the layer is in comparison, where 
all technology resides.
 Technology is like a poisonous film on top of a deep pool.

 You can never go back, but you can go forward, and when you go forward on a circle you end up back where you started.
 "I am the Alpha and the Omega".
 Christ returns to Heaven.

 Those aware of what life is about simply are not enamored with static.
The noise most make is to distract, to attract attention away from important matters.
 Art is rare.

 Agriculture, the atomic bomb, the gasoline engine, antibiotics, the internet, none of these have made any improvement
at a substantial level on life itself.
 All technology, in the end, is escapism.
 All inventions, in truth, are misplaced ideas.
 Those that create anything besides art waste their energy.
 Those that worry over money debase themselves.
 Those that use their children as an excuse to not follow their heart exploit their children and incur deep karmic debt as a result.
 Buddha, Gautama, was right.
 Christ is, while Jesus was.

 You can cut down the trees and pave the land, but you cannot destroy what is real.
For how long will you chase fame?
For how long will you noisily scamper with survival your only goal?
Who can respect you?

 There were none of us, then a million, then a billion.
There will be none of us again here on Earth, but I say to you sincerely, though a thousand Earths may come and go, you will remain, in form after form, until you say "Enough" and put an end to your chicanery.
 The joke is on you.
 The con-man traps his soul, while the conned may become free.
 Whose the fool?

 Let go. What remains? That is truth.
Laugh, if you choose, but your laughter alters nothing. Truth need not argue with you, and so it is with all honest people. They don't argue with you, for honesty reveals that arguing is futile.
 Each person chooses their stance, based on fear or love.
 I've done what I've done, and nothing you say changes that at all.

 Who are you?
 What have you done?

 You can choose who to treat respectfully, but you cannot choose who to respect.
 To the extent that I am sincere is to the extent that you respect me. You have no choice.
 If you pretend otherwise, you simply split your conscious self off from reality, and living that way is not really living at all.

           Barry N. Bliss, 2022
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