This is no "boo hoo" post. I gave myself this, and I am now recovering from it.
 This is a very concise account, but most of my adult life I weighed roughly 145 pounds. I am 5 foot 10 inches, so that's not a lot, but I have small bones, and never worked to develop a lot of muscle, so it was probably okay.
 I began cutting down on food intake and kept living the same. My weight began to drop. I know, because I began weighing myself, multiple times a day. I told myself, as I approached the 120 mark, that if it went below 120 I'd admit this was a problem. It did. One day it read "119 [plus a few grams]". At that point I began to adjust my behavior accordingly.
 I've dabbled in this sort of thing before, but it never really got out of hand this much before.
 They had entered the apartment where I rent  a room, and began doing renovations, without relocating us. There was dust, banging, etc. and the neighborhood is already zoned for light industry, so there is noise that most residential neighborhoods do not have. All the noise and people in our space, and no toilet at times, .... I guess I was looking for something that I could control. Perhaps I also felt sorry for myself and was out to hurt myself, maybe even slowly kill myself.
 I take 100% of the blame.
 It was a choice.
 So, I am not sure what I weigh, because I got sick of thinking that way and weighing myself so much, but last I checked I weigh around 130. Much better.
 I also became pretty damned tired. ("No shit.") It's taking time, but that too is steadily improving.
 I was fired two months ago, for refusing to comply with the "vaccine" mandate. I have no income. I am living off of savings.
 Am I tempted to give into anorexic behavior again? Sure. Tempted. Tempted, but uninterested.
 I'm a man with some new songs, all of my senses work well, I have money in the bank, I have a few new friends (who I have never met in person), and am on a climb out of a deep physical and psychological hole.
 I am completely, unequivocally, blessed.
 I am looking forward to a brand new life. The signs of it's coming are strong, very strong, obvious even.
 We all go through trials. Many men and women have been tortured for years, then finally killed.
There are no guarantees in this world. There is, however, a guarantee, that if/when we sincerely strive to do what is right, we eventually succeed in doing so. I am not better or worse than anyone else, so this applies to me, as well as you.
 Let's not hold back. Let's live our dreams, come what may.
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