Unlike the Kyle Rittenhouse case, I was of the opinion that the gentlemen that were sentenced to life yesterday for the killing of Arbery were at fault. Granted, it was the opinion of a fallible human, but it was mine.
 In both the Rittenhouse trial and in this recent trial, I found, to my surprise, both verdicts to be reasonable.
 I am for massive prison reform, and some law reform too, and ideally, I am for internal laws only (anarchy, but I won't be demanding that, for now anyway), so all in all, fair outcomes, sentence-wise.

 That out of the way, let me point out that a life-without-parole sentence given in the U.S.A. in 2022 does not guarantee a life-without-parole sentence. The U.S.A. may split apart. A dictator may take over. Many things might change, and if it does, these men sentenced yesterday may be set free, or executed.
 The sentence given was assuming all remains stable enough that nothing major changes which would nullify the sentence or the carrying out of it. Of course, that is the only way it can be done.
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