It’s inevitable. The pendelum is going to swing that way.
I don’t see how we can stop it in the middle, though I wish we could.

All the gay, trans, etc. people, and the immigrants here legally, are going to be harassed and oppressed in the ways that are being claimed now, but are not really happening to that degree.
Those of us that have been called racist and homophobic will then find ourselves (once again, for some of us) in the position of having to stand up for our gay brothers and sisters, out of sheer karmic duty.
The President and whoever is behind him is so off kilter right now, that there is no way that a civil war and or an extreme right wing take over is not up the road.
2024 election? Look for a far right wing candidate to win it.

In some ways, when (if?) this happens, I will be vindicated, in the sense that by then it will be way more obvious that the new virus shots are highly dangerous, and that the pandemic was of a different order than purported to be.
Yes, things may get better for some ostracized people, but it is going to be ugly.

I could be wrong, but this is not going to just stay this way. There are too many people getting angry and there are too many people that will lash out when they get the chance.
I advocate non-violence, but I’ll be in the minority.

Here it comes. It is just a matter of time.

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