A woman with a PhD said to me, via email, that she hopes I get the "vaccine" soon, for my own good and the good of those around me.
 I was surprised, as I thought most in the field of science were now admitting the dangers of this thing.
 How is it any researcher can still be pro-"Covid Vaccine"?
 The people who sincerely believe the shots are safe and effective are going to be sad when they find out what they were telling people to get is instead dangerous, and in some cases, deadly.
 Supposedly, in the US military, many health problems have had a substantial increase in cases.
 I was listening to Burzum (I know, Varg is possibly racist) a few days ago, and I sat up, stood up, and deleted every email I had on my gmail account. I went in and deleted all the ones that were then in Trash, basically deleting them for good (on my end. Google still has them, I am guessing.)
 I may pay for a more secure email account. I'll see.
 Right now, I can still be reached at my gmail account, though I may (or may not) reply using something else.
 While in Virginia, about 3 weeks ago, I drove my grandmother's Mercedes. I admit that I do not recall having ever driven a car that handled as well as her Benz did.
 PS Who gives a crap that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell no longer have their music on Spotify?
        Personally, I have never used Spotify.
        I like Joe Rogan though. We'll see if he caves, or if so, to what extent.
       Is there room on this planet for yet another interviewer/host? Should I consider doing it?
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