After cold feet I am again scheduled to visit family. This time I aim to go.
Something happened over there anyway, which would have made it a bad time, but all, far as I can tell, is on track now, though of course, life never stops. 
 I've not seen most of these people in roughly 30 years. I'll be keeping it pretty local, and limiting time to only a select few.
 I won't have access to the internet as much as usual, but there's a phone number you can call and I will check email occasionally.
 So, Australia, or at least the people running it, have detained the #1 ranked men's tennis player in the world. He is supposedly being held in a non-luxurious hotel, without most of his belongings.
 This is all Covid related. He, like myself, refuses these dangerous shots.
 The story has more components than I will share here, and more than I know about anyway, because I have not followed this story closely.
 Australia is disappointing some people overall, I'll say that.
 From what I can tell, many sites have removed the Sanction books by Roman McClay.
 Strikes me he (I forget his legal name) made a bad decision. This does not necessarily mean his books are bad.
 I do not know the full story, and of course, am not qualified to judge him.
 I do not believe the media, on the whole, has investigated and reported on what his relationship was with the people he killed, and what, if anything, they had done to him in the past.
 If someone, for instance, steals from you, it does not necessarily mean it's cool for you to kill them (I'd say it probably isn't), but the story should be told honestly, no matter what.
 It is possible that one day, some of you that have distanced yourself from me lately, or have fired me, will apologize.
When/if you do, I will accept your apology and we will move on.
 In the mean time, good luck to you, and all of your families.
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