Those now guarding Alexei Navalny in prison would do well to keep in mind that they may be guarding Russia's next President.
 We may see Putin in prison, and Navalny leading the country. Of course, there's a decent chance that Putin would commit suicide before he'd allow himself to be taken away.
 Navalny has had the quiet support of millions of Russians, I imagine, but just like with Julian Assange, most will stay quiet if they have nothing to gain and much, if not all, to lose.
 The minority may be brave and noble, but the masses never are. Courage is rare amongst the people, all said and done.
 Anyway, I do not claim the gift of prophecy, but I do say there is a good chance Navalny will one day be freed and will become President of Russia. That would be a good thing for the Russian people, and all of the rest of us on the planet as well.
 Of course, in this world, evil is never far away, and I imagine eventually Navalny would be assassinated and Russia would fall back into the hands of gangsters and thieves, but so be it. (Maybe I should say "will" instead of "would".)
 As for the United States (united for now, anyway), will someone with integrity actually be in office, at least for a while, and if so, who?
 Right now, we have a shadow government officially run by a man with little cognitive ability and no backbone or inner strength. Unofficially, who the hell knows who is running this country? Probably a club of people, Obama possibly being one of them. (If you know, you may comment below.)
 Anyway, if we are all lucky, Alexei Navalny will have his chance to help all of the people on Earth, first and foremost, his fellow Russians..
 PS - What the hell is wrong with Germany? I hear they are talking about possibly mandating the "vaccine" for people over 50, even as more and more people realize the shots are unsafe, ineffective, and in some cases, deadly.
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