The possibility is there, and it is ridiculous. I am no Putin fan, I prefer Navalny, but America is literally out of it’s mind. This would be fought, at least initially, right by Russia. Re-supplying troops, etc. would be pretty easy, for them. We’d be fighting half way across the planet, and for what? America is being led by a buffoon, with other greedy men and women advising him. They will not fight a war. They will die of old age. Mainly it’d be a our very young men and women that would fight in this war, and honestly, they’d probably lose. There’s just too much stacked against them. Also, what young man is motivated to give his life for this crap? Also, Russia is not Afghanistan or Iraq. Both were wars we never won, and both were wars against vastly inferior fighting forces compared to Russia’s. These cowards in charge of the US of A are going to get many of us killed, and they may cause the whole planet to be radiated by nuclear fall out. If America goes to war with Russia, America will lose. The dollar will be gotten rid of as the world’s trading currency, and we will become, essentially, a third world country. You may not lose any money, but it’ll cost $100 for a bag of chips. Biden, and whoever is behind him (Obama, are you there?) are leading the world to it’s end, prematurely, and in an ugly way. You think European countries will care when we lose? No, in a sense, they will be relieved. We’ve been strong arming everyone for 50 years now. China will reap many rewards from Russia’s defeat of us, as well. We’ll see how lonely one country can be. I know these are somewhat general and loose statements, but I stand behind the overall vibe of what I am typing. War is sad. War is horrific. Look at photos of war casualties. Wake up, now!

PS I messed up the formatting.

PPS America could be awesome. We need real leaders, leaders of integrity and honor. We need to get honest with ourselves, about everything.
         While we need real leaders, we need real citizens, in general, as well. How many Americans are honorable and never take more than they need? How many of us Americans ask ourselves, "what can we give?" instead of "what can we get?"
          How many Americans make sacrifices for their fellow human? How many love other people? How many in the U.S. love the people of other countries, as well as their own?
          How many Americans love the teenagers of this land? How many Americans are mature, and have a backbone?


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